Personal Bio:

Joe Gorman, Managing Principal of White Oak Holdings, Inc. has over 30 years of real estate investment and mortgage experience. As co-founder of White Oak Holdings, Joe is responsible for the formation, construction and the building of alliances needed to be a growing successful concern. White Oak Holdings’ key to success has been its disciplined “Grass Roots” marketing approach, built around its Mission Statement “providing customers with an exceptional home loan experience, delivered with clarity, passion, honesty and fairness.”
Prior to the formation of White Oak Holdings, Joe was co-founder of C&G Capital Advisors. Over the last eight years, C&G Capital Advisors raised from investors more than $50 million to source, acquire, renovate and sell more than one hundred and fifty residential properties in Southern California.
Previously, Mr. Gorman was co-founder and served as CEO of South Lake Financial Inc. (“SLF”), a holding company formed in January of 2004, to acquire and manage mortgage related companies. Those companies included a prime residential mortgage company (South Lake Mortgage Bankers), a subprime mortgage banking company (SLMC), a private commercial mortgage lending company (Bridge Capital), and a mortgage asset management company (South Lake Capital). In 2006, SLF raised more than $10MM to facilitate its plan of growth leading to an ultimate IPO and $38MM to acquire and manage more than 4,000 1st and 2nd mortgages with a face value more than $114MM. The collateral was single family residences located throughout the United States.
At its peak, South Lake Financial owned four mortgage related companies having $95MM in mortgage banking credit facilities with more than 125 employees. Before SLF, Mr. Gorman was a retail Financial Advisor for Paine Webber and Shearson Lehman Brothers from 1984 to 1988.

Contact Info:

Office: 626.988.0560
Cell: 626.862.0696