White Oak specializes in business purpose lending on non-owner occupied real estate of all types.

We currently only lends on properties located in California.

The White Oak Experience


  • Submit your Loan Inquiry
  • Get a soft quote within 24 hours
  • If the quote is satisfactory, take an application with us and gather the appropriate documentation to submit
  • After White Oak reviews your package, receive a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Once the LOI is signed, White Oak will order the appraisal or BPO, credit report, background check, and title report.
  • Once property value is established and all underwriting is complete, White Oak will move forward and fund your loan.


We can close (from application to funding) in less than 14 days.


Borrower FAQ

What is a private money lender?

A private money lender is an investor who makes loans secured by real estate, typically charging higher rates than banks but also making loans that banks would not make, funding more quickly than banks and/or requiring less documentation than banks.

What differentiates private money lenders from bank lenders?

Private money lenders differ from bank lenders in that they often fund more quickly, with fewer requirements. Private money lenders are sometimes called “asset-based lenders” because they focus mostly on the collateral for the loan, whereas banks require both strong collateral and usually excellent credit and cash flow from the borrower.

What are the advantages of private money lenders?

Private money loans can have a number of advantages over traditional bank financing including:

  • A simpler application process and quicker approval/disapproval decision
  • Less scrutiny of the borrower’s personal financial situation, including income and historical tax returns, compared to bank loans
  • Borrowers can allocate less time to seeking financing and instead concentrate on other business
  • Most private money lenders do not expect perfect credit and substantial amounts of disposable income from borrowers, but instead focus on the merits of the specific deal under consideration
  • Self-employment is not seen as unacceptable to private lenders, whereas many banks view self-employment negatively and strongly prefer lending to professionals with very steady income.

What are the disadvantages of private money lenders?

Disadvantages of seeking a private money loan may include:

  • Private money loans are more expensive than bank loans, with higher interest rates and origination fees;
  • The quality of hard money lenders varies substantially from one lender to another; some are unscrupulous and may be seeking to have the borrower default in order to foreclose on underlying real estate as a business strategy; White Oak does NOT look for loan to own lending situations.
  • Some lenders may collect non-refundable deposits without having the capital required to make the loan; they may either hope to find the capital once the loan is “tied up” or in rare cases, they may simply aim to collect the deposit with no intention of funding the loan. White Oak will not release an Letter of Intent or collect any fees without being able to fund your loan.

What kind of properties will White Oak lend on?

White Oak will lend on Residential and most Commercial property types, including but not limited to: 1 – 4 unit residential, 5+ unit multifamily, retail, industrial, office, mixed use, and special use case by case.

White Oak will NOT lend on contaminated properties nor raw land.

Our Lending Guidelines