White Oak Holdings principals, Joe & Harrison Gorman grew up in homes of Nutrition, Vitamin Supplements and Healthy Food.  It was not coincidental when they met up with Carole Baggerly and not only hit it off but became friends and business advocates.

Carole’s Vision of Health, Research and improving our World is life changing.  I would urge anyone, that wants to live a long energetic life educate themselves with the materials and resources GrassrootsHealth Provides.  It is not an alternative, it will in our life time become the Mainstay of our Societies Health & Well-being.

GrassrootsHealth has many involvement opportunities from participation in their projects to donations to sponsorship of other projects.  And, at this time, they are even looking for some new board members.

We will help Carole any way we can, as her work was my Mom’s mission in life.  My Mom (Theresa Marie Gorman) was consumed and a believer of health and nutrition and was a former President of The American Nutrition Society.  She was friends and associates with two Pillars of the industry at that time, Adelle Davis and Virginia Livingston.

Mom/Grandma was 96 years old when she died May 17, 2018, her mind fully intact. 

Note* One of the things she said kept her alive, through three husbands she out lived, 10 kids and 30 grandkids were two stiff shots of Jim Beam every day!……………and of course nutrition.

What can White Oak Holdings do for the Friends of Carole?

White Oak Holdings is a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Private Money and Institutional Lender and with open arms will consult anyone that needs a real estate secured loan, anywhere in the United States.

Click through our Website to learn more about us and we look forward to serving your needs and supporting the GrassrootsHealth Crusade.

Joe & Harrison Gorman